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The bit that I always find hardest to take in the Narnia books is when they fall back through the wardrobe after years as kings and queens. How heartbreaking would that be?

I like the little bit where they are adults at the end of the movie. It's less formal that the BBC and book versions, and they are slightly younger I think. It helps you imagine the possibilities of their years and years in Narnia that you hear so little of, with the exception of a tiny bit in The Horse And His Boy.
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Hello, everyone! Sadly, I do not bring a fic, but I bring a poem!

Title: Fallen Sister, Fallen Star
Pairing: N/A. Gen.
Rating: G
Summary: A poem about the Pevensies, and the one that falls away.

Read & (hopefully) review HERE!

Also included at the cut: other non-fandom related poetry, and an explanation regarding the What's in a Kiss and Sleeping Arrangements stories. ♥
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Aravis/Cor 1sentence

Well, it's been over a week, and the claim still hasn't been formally accepted (and judging from the looks of it, won't be for a while), so I'm going ahead and posting this here.

Title:  rainbow in your hands
Author: andromeda3116
Characters/Pairings:  Aravis/Cor, cameos from various Archenlanders, Corin, and the occasional talking horse.
Theme set:  Alpha
Warnings:  None.
Summary:  What will you believe in and where will you go? (Love never ever fades away.  Aravis, Cor, and a lifetime of moments.)

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Fic & Drabble

Hey, guys! I come with two fic offerings! Well, one's a fic and one's a drabble, but it's all the same, right? :)

First, the fic! :)

Title: Sleeping Arrangements
Pairing: N/A, just general family love
Rating: PG, for Mrs. Macready's implications
Summary: Helen Pevensie visits her children after the events of LWW. She is amazed to see how they have changed, specifically in their bonds with one another.
A/N: Originally, this was slated to be a one-shot, but there's no way that's going to work. This will be seven chapters long - the first one details Mrs. Pevensie's arrival to the Professor's house, and the subsequent chapters will focus on the kid's bonds with each other (i.e. there'll be a Susan/Lucy chap, a Peter/Lucy chap, etc. etc.)

Chapter One - Day One: Letters


And now the drabble. :)

Title: Upon a Star
Rating: G
Summary: Peter wishes.

The gun is awkward in his hands...


Please enjoy! I would also love to know what you guys think, so drop a comment. ♥

What's In a Kiss, chapter 6

Title: What's In a Kiss
Rating: PG-13
Summary: He always leaves her with a kiss. This Chapter - When Narnia celebrates an anniversary for the end of the White Witch's reign, a few of the visitors cause Susan to look at her siblings differently.
Previous Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
A/N: Hi, guys! I apologize so much for the wait for this one. I rewrote it close to five times and even had it betaed. But hopefully it is worth it, because it is a long chapter. Honestly, I tried to downsize it, but it just wouldn't work that way. Therefore, this chapter must be divided into two parts - the link to the second part will be at the end of this entry. Futher author's notes will be at the end of the part as well. Enjoy! ♥

Chapter Six - Good Mornings, Part I: The Ball

Chapter Six - Good Mornings, Part II: The Proposal